Will False CX
Optimism Derail
Digital Transformation Efforts?

Customer experience, meet digital transformation

CX and digital transformation are converging, and we’ll all need to adapt. We researched what this accelerating trend means for how leading companies will grapple with emerging measurement challenges.

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Consistent improvements reflect a competitive market.

Your NPS Data Is Exactly as Bad as The Sales Team Thinks It Is

In the battle against instinct-driven decision making, only high-quality data wins.

NPS Benchmark Analysis for the Health Insurance Industry

In a complex market, drivers of NPS reveal consumer concerns.

The Top One Thing That Will Cause Your Net Promoter Program to Fail!!!

Why claiming an NPS of 100 reveals a popular but illogical mistake.

Avoiding Digital Overcompensation in the Name of CX

Think carefully about the online customer experience before you join the stampede.

Stop Surveying NPS, for Now?

Is this really the right time to be asking the ultimate question? A tin-eared email offers a clue.

As the Saying Goes, There Are Lies, Damn Lies, and CX Data

Persuasion and the presentation of CX data.

Human Cognition – Use Loss Aversion for Effective CX Communication

We humans are highly averse to perceived loss. Use this when communicating.

The Three Root Causes of NPS Failure

What more than 1,000 implementations reveal about most CX program failures.

Assessing CX Using Multiple Data Sources

New approaches to CX analytics in the world of expanding data and analytics.

The Value of Repeat Responder Feedback is Immense

Validate NPS trends by looking at the responses of individuals who have also given feedback in the past.

B2B Customer Experience measurement differs radically from B2C

Most of what you know about B2C CX must be done differently for B2B.

The Relationship Between NPS Trends and Revenue

Here is the current state of NPS science, along with some pseudo-scientific counterpoints.

Problem 2: Despite What You Think, It’s a Data Problem

We now know that a main reason for CX program failure is lack of useful data.

Problem 3: Analytics Need a Reboot for the Modern Age

We need radical change in how we collect and analyze CX data.

Problem 4: Data Problems lead to Action Problems

Lack of reliable real-time data makes action impossible.

Problem 5 – You Don’t Know Your Own Performance

Lack of rules for measuring and publishing NPS results causes problems.

What Is the New NPS Manifesto?

Two years of research built on 15 years of CX leadership.

Will False CX Optimism Derail Digital Transformation Efforts?

Digital transformation and CX leaders report acceleration, ambitious goals, and measurement challenges.

What Is the New NPS Manifesto?

Two years of research built on 15 years of CX leadership.

Will CX Leaders and Teams Survive the COVID-19 Crisis?

CX professionals report changes to governance, focus, and operations