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The Complete Guide to NPS Basics and Beyond

Build the right foundation, get a solid start on NPS mastery

Start at the beginning by learning what makes NPS special. Explore every aspect of foundational NPS program execution. And when you’re done with our comprehensive guide, choose your path toward the anything-but-basic future of NPS.

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Getting everyone on the same page about NPS only seems easy. Take the challenge seriously, because success will serve you well now and in the future.


The Importance of Speaking a Common Language

Involving HR & CX in People Development

A Great Way to Expose Future Stars to Customers

go beyond basic nps organizational engagement

Even experienced NPS practitioners struggle with keeping teams from throughout the organization engaged with their work. The difficulty reflects the core challenges of basic NPS programs: There’s just not enough data to deliver insights stakeholders perceive as essential and business-relevant. The sooner you can address your data deficiencies through Spectrum NPS, the better. To get there, download our guide, take our comprehensive training course, or read about the future of NPS.


The Complete Guide to NPS Basics and Beyond


Leading an Outcome- Oriented
CX Program


The New NPS